unleash heART is a non-profit project serving Tarrant County, TX dedicated to encouraging personal growth, self awareness, communication skills and a sense of individuality in children and adolescents through creative art education and experiences.

unleash heART Objectives:

– TO EDUCATE children and adolescents about various creative art techniques/mediums, with lessons about art history serving as the inspiration for assigned projects.
– TO NURTURE the unique, delicate spirits of young people through artistic expression, communication, and awareness exercises.
– TO ENCOURAGE confidence building, individuality, and respect for others in the safe, open-minded environment promoted when participating in an unleash heART group.

Why unleash heART?

At unleash heART, our goal is to help kids and young adults cope with any confusion, trauma, or stress they experience that hinders their emotional growth. Whether it is stress caused by dealing with bullies, trying to meet high expectations, or a struggle with insecurities, every kid has some hardship they have to deal with. We are interested in helping them cope through creative expression, rather than giving in to peer pressures, or resorting to heavy medication and psychological counseling. We believe in some cases, children really do need these outlets to gain freedom from an illness, but we also strongly believe that “preventative medicine” through self-awareness education is the most effective, pain-free approach to finding inner peace. unleash heART is an open program to all kids. No artistic experience necessary. unleash heART is NOT a psychological recovery program. It is a therapeutic art technique, art history and self-awareness education program that welcomes any child/young adult interested in participating.

Click here to learn more about Unleash HeART’s founder, Tara Brown


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