Mary Cassatt Workshop – Mar 2, 2011: K-3rd

5 Mar

Mary Cassatt was an American Impressionist Painter and Printmaker. She
lived most of her life in France. Cassatt often created images of the
social and private lives of women, with particular emphasis on the
intimate bonds between mothers and children. She created most of her work
using pastels. She tended to use more detail in her paintings than most
impressionists, and she enjoyed using bold colors to get her vision
across. Much of her later, and most popular work of paintings of mother
and child, was highly influenced by the simplicity and clarity of Japanese

I asked the girls to create their own paintings featuring relationships
between Mother, daughter, friend, or just an image of a woman alone if
they preferred. They first outlined their drawing with colored pencil,
then filled in the painting using bold colors and an impressionistic style
of painting using pastels. For an exciting twist to the painting and an
added lesson on the complexities of texture in artwork, I asked them to
add tissue paper to their paintings. They could add as much or as little
tissue as they wanted to the work.


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