Georgia O’Keefe Workshop – Feb 23, 2011: K-3rd Grade

4 Mar

Week One: Georgia O’Keefe (November 15, 1887 – March 6, 1986)

Georgia O’Keefe was an American artist. In my Girls Inc/Unleash HeART lesson, I focused on teaching the girls about the period in her career when she painted close-ups of flowers in bright, bold colors. No one had ever painted close-ups of flowers before. O’Keefe always painted subjects using strong colors. She simplified her subjects so that nothing remained except the most important parts. Her work was described as American Modernism. She combined abstraction and representation in her art to create not just an interpretation of a flower, but a visual poem of how a flower made her feel, through a painting.

After I taught the girls about who Georgia was, and what she painted in this period of her life, I asked them to create their own visual poems of how flowers made them feel. I encouraged them to draw an outline of a flower (or flowers) up close, so they could really examine the details that go into a flower’s design. Then I asked them to paint with watercolor inside the outline of the flower to give it some texture.


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